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Just The FAQ's

Things Crush Enthusiasts Want To Know

You, Our Most Important Asset.  

At Crush Bikes, we want to give YOU, our customer, a special cycling experience, one that will inspire you to share your story with other passionate enthusiasts like yourself. We're here for your cycling pleasure.  If you have additional questions please reach out and Michael will respond to you personally.   

Can I Drop Off Or Ship My Bike?

Absolutely!  We can disassemble and reassemble your bike.  There are fees associated with this but If you want a one stop shop experience then we are happy to help.


We accept Paypal, Venmo, Cash and soon Credit Cards.

How Long Does It Take For A Paintjob?

Typically it's a 45 day turnaround.  This includes us receiving your frameset, sanding, prep-work, design, paint, and finish clear coats.

What About Paint Design?

One of Michael's favorite parts of the paint process is the paint design phase.  Michael takes his design work seriously and shares the work with you for feedback and collaboration.  A clear paint design is approved prior to any paint being sprayed on the bike.  

Shipping Services?

Crush can ship and receive bikes and bike frames.  We care about your paintjob and will professionally package your bike and ship via a bike shipping company.  Shipping prices vary depending on destination, weight and fuel price fluctuations.  

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